Video transcription

Hi my name is Melisa Brown and we are doing Swedish massage today. You can look me up on my website at I’ll see you there. In continuing on here with the stomach we are going to be doing clockwise movements all the way around the abdominal area. Another thing that is wonderful is pulling from the opposite side pulling with your hands in this motion. Very gently, very softly. You can do this on both sides. Also it is very nice to push with the palm going into the side of the abdomen and then coming out the other way and swish. So we are doing like a bulldozer on one side and we are swishing on the other. And again, in between any movement that you do, you want to do that clockwise movement. You can also using your thumbs you can go down through the ribs. That can be as deep or as light as your body is going to permit you to. It’s good not to have anything to eat for at least 2 hours of course because otherwise it might be upsetting for the stomach. See you in the next segment.