Video transcription

Then you move into your 50% gray. What tends to start happening when you get 50% to 75% gray is that you really have to have a base cover. A lot of people assume that you can cover it with a highlight lowlight. You have to have the base color and then blend it with the highlight lowlight so you could get on a schedule of a six week base color coverage and then move to an eight to twelve week for your highlight lowlight to start blending. The last one would be your 75 to 100% gray. A lot of guests at this point have been getting gray coverage for a very long time and they fall into one of two categories. One category being that they are sick of the maintenance and they don't want to keep their cost up so they want to grow their gray out. If you choose to grow your gray out, you can start to blend it with a highlight lowlight. It is a very long process and it takes patience on the consumer's part and also the stylist's part as well. The second option for that is just to keep getting a base color and keep doing highlighting and lowlighting and wherever you go, whoever you choose to see you need to start getting on a prebook schedule with them and that way you know what the cost is and they can kind of direct you what to do on those six to eight week blockings for appointments.