Video transcription

I'm Holly Olson. We are going to talk about aftercare for all hair removal whether you use the pillory, shaving, waxing, cold wax, hard wax, whatever you used for hair, the aftercare will be the same. Exfoliation, one of the most important things you can do is exfoliate your skin. Whenever you have done a hair removal, you have actually created a little bit of dead skin to be lifted and it will come back and create a crust and that is where you get the ingrown hairs. Especially with waxing because you have taken the hair out from the root or the ball, so you've created a hole. If you pull the weed out of the garden, the dirt would fall back in the hole. The skin cells are falling back into the hole so it is creating the ingrown hair. As it creates the crust, the hair can't come back through it and that is where you get the bumps and the ingrown s, so make sure you exfoliate with a loofah. It can be just loofah and water or a lather maker. Don't use soap. Just scrub any area of wax; scrub it down really good and put a nice moisturizer on.