Video transcription

I'm Holly Olson. We are going to talk about bikini waxing. I highly recommend getting a bikini wax done at a professional salon. It is very difficult to do your own and you can actually damage your skin pretty bad by pulling in the wrong direction or not having enough, the skin not tight enough when you are doing it by yourself. But for those that want to try it, make sure your leg is over and out. You may need to sit up slightly and you will find that a lot of the growth pattern will go downward so you want to work from the outside of the leg in towards your bikini line. A standard bikini, rather you are doing it at home or at a salon, will be just this area here; pretty much just what hangs out of the bikini and you will find that you need to go down inside of your leg here. Most of the direction will be up; however in some instances, you will find it going the opposite direction. You want to work from your legs going in and out and just straight down depending on how you are pulling your skin tight. A Brazilian bikini which is very popular leaves about a a 2 fingers width of hair down through the bikini line and this line can go all the way around to the backside. In some cases people like it very clean from the back to the front leaving only a strip at the top. A full Monte or some people call it a sphinx and that is where everything is completely waxed away. Find you a good salon and ask about antibacterial and make sure they have a clean environment if you go to a professional salon.