Video transcription

Hi my name is Anton and I’m here on behalf of and today I’m going to be demonstrating exfoliating the legs. Now what I’m using is just a basic salt scrub, this is available at any major beauty supply store or any store that carries beauty products. I’m just going to apply a little bit on the greater parts of the legs, now you can just exfoliate dead skin by working this product in a circular motion. The best place to do this is actually in the shower because your pores open up and the warmth from the water is actually going to give your legs, well you skin in general a protective layer which preps it a little more properly for exfoliation. However if you do it outside it works just as well. You just want to work in a circular motion and using a medium pressure all over the greater parts and this is going to take off any dead skin and it’s also great for evening up skin tone as well. When you’re finish you just want to wash the product off with cool water and you want to apply a moisturizer every where that you exfoliated just to lock in and protect the skin.