Video transcription

Cost wise, I'm in the San Francisco area--I mean, I'm in San Jose. And the price between San Jose and San Francisco can be a thousand or two thousand or three thousand different, which I think is ridiculous. And then who you go to. On average, I heard dental implants with crowns and the whole sha-boom can be from fifteen hundred all the way to eight thousand dollars per tooth. So, there's got to be some room for in between, but I think, on average, it depends again on materials which you use. And the other thing is the practitioner. Does this practitioner have some experience or not and are they going to be able to be confident to guarantee their work. That comes into major play, because, you know, like for my office you put the implants in, but you know on average it takes the human body one year for that bone to become totally solidified, meaning totally healthy and strong. And in between that, we just don't know. And that's the uncertainty that we just cannot control. And so in my office we basically say when we put the implant in, we'll give you one year--one year of warranty. Anything that happens. I mean you can open a beer bottle, the thing cracks, don't tell me that, just come in, something broken, I'll fix it for you at no charge. But after that one year, we know that the dental implant is there to stay. If it can stay that long, it'll be there to stay unless something happens, and ninety-nine percent of the time, it's because of home care. If the home care is not good, then the implant will fail. The other one percent, well, a small portion could be due to accident or due to some type of, unfortunately, diseases. But, in general, it's really home care. So we know that if you have good home care, no problem. Stuff will stick around and it'll give you good mileage so to say. But on average the cost, I say, if you're looking at a dental implant that is of quality, and a good practitioner with some good experience, it should really be between three to four thousand, around there, per tooth. Granted, if they don't have to do any bone augmentation or other gum adjustments--you know a lot of other things. But straightforward, it should be about three to four thousand, mainly because of the cost of the materials, the laboratories, and the whole aspect of doing this treatment.