Video transcription

I'm Teddy Kern at Dance Manhattan in New York City and this is Heather Gehring and Lou Brockman and we will be teaching foxtrot. If you listen to the music of foxtrot when you listen to a ballet of Frank Sinatra for example many other singers as well but the rhythm is counted 1,2,3,4 and it is also in dancing steps called slow, slow, slow, or slow or quick, quick, quick, quick or a combination of slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, slow, quick, quick. In fact that is foxtrot, foxtrot is really defined any combination of slow or quick steps that the leader leads. So the lady might dance 4 slow steps in a roll and then many quick steps and of course the exciting and challenging part of foxtrot is as followers ladies we don't really know what the leader is going to lead. But as you would see the beautiful dancers who are you about to witness dancing the foxtrot they are going to do a combination of slow and quick steps and those are the basics of foxtrot.