Video transcription

I'm Reno McCormick and I'm here to tell you about playing the Dobro today. Okay, let's learn the basics of the Wobash Cannonball. When you learn a song, you want to try to learn the basic melody, and then work on some variation within that melody. Not so wild that you can't tell what it is, but just so that it's not so boring when you do it the second time. Bob Wills always liked his guys to play outside themselves, stretch things a little bit. So, when you play it the first time, play it so that people can recognize what it is you're playing. We're going to try our upper register of G. What was I doing? I was sliding around to my G to a C. To a D. Three chords, G, C, and D. If we just know where our three chords are, we can manage to play every song in the bluegrass realm. Let's play it low. You want to play it low? Let's try it low. I went G to C to D.