Video transcription

Today we are going to unravel the mysteries of telekinesis. This is the explanation of how you are going to bend your spoon or your fork, the way you are going to do it, most of the silverware you have at a restaurant they are actually weaker than you think, most people think you cannot bend spoons without using both hands, but in reality if you are just holding your spoon and you put your thumb in the bowl of the spoon and just press down, it will actually bend, but as long as you are holding it like this people cannot really tell that it is bending or it is bent I should say, or you are going to want to do it under the cover, you pass this out and you have people check it out and a spoon, and then as you pass out your other piece of silverware as your arms goes out to pass it, the spoon goes out of view for a second that is when you are going to want to put your bend in the spoon, and then you just want to bring it up, and shake it, the reason why you want to keep it in motion is that as long as it is straight up and down in a motion it kind of looks like it has not bent yet, and as you slowly bring it down, it starts to feel like wobbling, it gives the impression that it is melting and when you turn it over and show that the handle is bent down. This is actually really impressive for people, this is the stuff they always hear about, they have always hears about the spoon bending and for them to actually see it happen it really blows their mind, so do this whenever you have got a chance at restaurants and it really impresses people.