Video transcription

Hello this is Joe Wiles with the Rock and Roll Conservatory. Let's take a look at "What I like about you" by The Romantics. The song starts out with an E Major chord. Its seventh fret on the A string and the ninth fret on the D, G and B strings. We're going to do a little pinkie action here from the nine to ten on the B string here, like that. The next chord is the eleventh fret of the D string, the ninth of the G string and tenth fret of the B string. Strum all your five highest strings; just skip your low E. We're going to slide all the way down to a D. Well a partial D really. It's your open D, second fret G and third fret B. Then we're going to play an open A Major chord. That's an A, open A string, second fret G string, second fret five. Then we're going to slide down and play most of a D chord. That's the open D, second fret G, third fret B. And then we're going to play an open A Major chord. It's the open A string, second fret D string, second fret G string and second fret B string. Together those sound like this. To speed it sounds like this. That sounds pretty easy if you can move across your neck and snap to your chords. If you're having a hard time with that just try it slow and work your way up to speed o.k. In our next segment we're going to talk about Ratt's "Round and Round". I'll see you there.