Video transcription

Alright let's talk about setting the drive mode on your Canon 40D. The drive mode is basically the mode that the camera is going to take pictures in, whether it's a one shot, one picture mode, or a multiple burst mode or a self timer mode. The way to set the mode is by making sure your camera is turned on and active and then pressing the drive button on top of the camera. There are four buttons up here and again the button you want is the second most button to the right. It's also the auto focus button. Go ahead and press that button down and then use the quick selection dial here on the back of the camera to scroll through your options, and as you can see here I've got a few options that I'm scrolling through. There is just a square there. The first option is just a single shot. There's the high rate burst mode, the low rate burst mode, the self timer ten second mode, and then the self timer two second mode. We'll talk about using the self timer modes in a minute, but the high rate burst mode is going to get you up to about six frames per second at max and then the lower burst mode would probably be about half of that. More like three frames per second in that burst mode and then of course the single shot mode will just get you one picture and you'll have to recompose the shot and resuppress the shutter button in order to get another exposure.