Video transcription

In a continuation of what the body and the legs do in the golf swing, I'm going to show you from a different angle. Again, we're up to the top, the hips are initiating, the legs are initiating, you'll see the knee shuttling to the left, the right foot is rolling inward and the left hip is starting to clear up and around as we come from the inside. So we're hitting the inside of the golf ball, the left hip is climbing up and around, the right knee is driving in and our body is going to eventually clear completely around in the swing. If we swing only arms only, which is what most people do, their arms, their body's are stiff and tight. Again, they're outside, they're over the top, they're cutting across the ball, they're slicing it and they can't figure it out, so what they do is just aim. They'll start aiming more and more to the right to try to correct it, they come over the top even more.