Video transcription

Remember to stay hydrated. Drinking water before, during, all during your workout and after your workout. Now the next exercise that we're going to do to strengthen our core is a plank. I'll show you different degrees of difficulties on how to do a plank. First and foremost I think the simplest way would be on your forearms, legs out and holding. Now you just want to hold it as long as you can and you're really using your entire body to keep yourself in this position. And then another way you can do a plank is with the straight arms. You're going to start off like a push up, arms about shoulder width apart, you're just going to hold it here as long as your can. If you can work your way up to a minute, you're doing absolutely fabulous. Now if you want to kick it up a notch while you're doing this, you can either use a ball and one of the balance balls and you can actually hold the plank from the ball or you can do a two point plank and I'll demonstrate the two point plank. The two point plank is called that because you're on two points you're holding your balance and you're using your core to keep yourself up. So you can practice all of these variations of the plank and really strengthen your body and get those muscles looking nice and sleek.