Video transcription

In this clip we're doing a water launch, where the boat's already in the water. This is an option too, because sometimes there's rocks, a rocky shoreline that won't allow us to slide off into the water. Especially when it's calm like this, it's kinder to our boats to do a water launch. We're also going to show you how to get in and not use your paddle as some, most people do because you may break your paddle; it's not good. And it's easy to get in as Russell will show you. Talk through it. This is a straddle. This is going to give you the best balance. And he's going to slip--the moment he drops his hips in right there, that's where he has good stability. Then he puts his spray skirt on. The paddle's simply laid across your lap. They're often confused what to do with the paddle just put it across your lap. And then off he goes. Now Russell's going to show you how to get out of a kayak that's floating on water. First what to do with the paddle--he simply lays it on his lap, removes his spray skirt, slips out, one foot here, one foot there, the straddle, and then out you go. This is a great way to get out of your boat because running it up on shore continuously will actually damage the hull of your boat, so this saves the wear and tear on your kayak.