Video transcription

To start off our seated asiness we're going to start with the prayer at the heart squat or the namaskarasana so what you do is bring your feet about hip width apart and turn your feet out slightly. Then you'll bring yourself, your butt towards the ground so you may have to widen your feet a little more. So find that comfortable position. If you have any knee issues, take care to just feel where your limits are. Feel where that edge is. The goal of this is to bring your hands to your heart and press your elbows on to the inside parts of your knees. You may find yourself with more at an angle or flat. Wherever you go you're going to feel a nice stretch through your groin and also deep in your groin. So slowly bring your behind towards the ground and the fullest expression is pushing your elbows into your knees hands toward your heart center let your shoulders drop down and back, try not to monkey toe the mat or crunch the mat with your toes. Let your behind drop down and bring your head toward the ceiling. Let your lower back feel the stretch and let everything drop still engaging those abdominals and supporting the back. And that's namaskarasana or prayer at the heart squat