Video transcription

I’ll be discussing gymnastics warm-ups, specifically the middle splits. Since we’ve already stretched the right and left split, we’re going to stretch the middle split. Previously, when we did the straddle, I said not to put your legs past about 100 degrees. In this stretch however, we’re going to extend our legs to the side as far as possible. When you’ve reached this point, you’re going to slide your torso and where you’re sitting forward as much as possible to try and align your torso with your legs in a straight 180 degree position. Once you’ve done this, try and lean to each side stretching this inside hip flexor and getting an even range of motion. Once you’ve done this, you want to try and lean your body forward walking your hands out until you’re laying flat on the ground. This will allow you to properly stretch the insides of your legs as this split is used on 3 out of the 4 events, balance beam, floor and also the uneven bars. It’s a very critical stretch and you must have it in order to perform proper gymnastics. So continue this stretch with your chest on the floor or holding yourself up with your hands for about 30-45 seconds.