Video transcription

So now that I have my chosen side I'm ready to do a cartwheel. So I'm going to place my left leg in front, bend my legs into a lunge position and put my arms right up by my ears. Now, the basic rhythm of the cartwheel is hand hand, foot foot or 1234 in steady rhythm. So when I reach down my hands are going to be in a straight line and it's going to be left right and as I'm putting my right hand down, I'm kicking my right leg up. Now once my hands place on the ground my legs are going to open up into a split position just like the stretch that we did in the beginning. This is where my legs would be when my hands are on the ground and my feet are in the air. So when you're putting your hands down, remember to be in a line. You're going to do hand hand, foot foot and land right in the same line. Now it's also important to stretch your feet like this in the air and make sure that your whole leg is elongated cause it just makes a prettier line. Now it's also important to get enough momentum when you leave the ground. So when push off of your left foot make sure that you've pushed off enough so that you have the momentum to get your legs all the way around and back to the ground.