Video transcription

My name is Angie Yarid from LA Wax and Skincare Center located in Miami, Florida, and today we’ll be talking about exercising for women over that beautiful number 50. Now ladies, there are some exercises we have to make sure that we do, but they may not be that pretty when you look at it. Like for faces; we always want our faces to look beautiful. Okay let’s do something for our face. We’re going to do our A E I exercise, which is tightening up the muscles; and for those of us who have a problem with TMJ, this also helps and to tighten up underneath our chin. Okay here we go, it’s A E I O, A E I O and keeping up like five or six times a day, it’ll help to tighten the muscles under the chin and the muscles in the jaw line, keep those double chins away.