Video transcription

We are going to talk about the positives of owning budgies. I love budgies as pets. If you are going to have a parrot, budgies are a great bird to start out with and a great bird to stick with, for that matter. They are highly intelligent. They are active. They can learn very small tricks, like how to fetch a ball or to fly to you. They are very interactive. They like walking across your keyboard or chewing up your homework. They want to follow you around the house. They are bold and inquisitive. They will hide underneath little pieces of paper, or in a cardboard tube. They can learn to talk. Not all of them. Do not get the bird because it will talk, but some of them can talk. They are inexpensive to keep overall. Your initial investment, fifty to seventy-five dollars, including bird cage and all the supplies. They have easy upkeep. They have a great life-span for a small pet. You can have one in your household. You can have one in an apartment complex. It is not going to bother the neighbors. They are affectionate. If you get a young bird that you hand tame, they love being pet or cuddled. They will crawl underneath the collar of your shirt or behind your head. They will sit on your shoulder or your head and follow you. Overall, there are very, very few negatives to owning this species. They have been bred in captivity for two hundred years now, which is thousands of generations for these birds. They are one of the few, what I would almost call, domestic, captive, citizen species. We have lots of colors available. You do not like them in green, get one in blue. You do not like them in blue, get one in white. I mean, basically any color of the rainbow, except for red. I have not seen any in red. You can get a parakeet in. So overall, they are fantastic little pets to have. If you do not want a pet that you can pet, get two of them. You can watch them play in their cage, interact, cuddle. They are very sweet, very non-aggressive. Overall, they will bring light and life to most households. They are cute little pets. Easy to maintain. They do not have a whole lot of medical and or psychological problems as some of the bigger parrot species do. They are not going to break the bank and they are not going to burst your eardrums. They are good little animals if you are interested. If you think that you want a bird, this is a really, really good place to start.