Video transcription

Hi, this is Mary with and now we're going to talk about the stomach and genital area. If your dog is as relaxed as mine and it lets you do this without a fuss, that's great. If not, you may have to work the stomach and genital area while they're on their side. As with the chest, you're going to want to go in circular motions in just a soothing and relaxing clockwise motion. This is again a great time to check for lumps, especially with females because they can get uterine cancer. They can also get cancer of the mammal veins so that you end up with large lumps. If you can catch them when they're smaller lumps, it's not going to cost you as much to get them removed. When you're done with the small circular motion, you're going to make a large circle, like this. If you've got a male, you're just going to kind of go up the penis area and down, not hard, don't stimulate them and get them thinking you're playing sex games with them because you're not but long and slow and gentle is what you always need to remember. And this is more than a belly rub.