Video transcription

My name is Sibylle Walters. I’m the owner-director of Flairs Gymnastics located in Davie, Florida. You can find us on the web at And now we will demonstrate how to learn how to do a handstand. Young ladies right there please. Get on your knees, your toes should be touching the wall and your hands should be coming to the white tape line please and you’re going to climb up the wall. Ready – one, two. Do not move your hands; look at your hands, good shape. Very nice. Step down on one leg and then the other. Get on your knees and we’re going to do it again. Ready – hands out up front and walk up the wall, nice and slowly, nice shape. We should be looking at our hands. Hold the position, Krissie your fingers should be facing forward, thank you. And come down please. The next step is to go here, Hailey you will be first please. Face the nice mat, step and bend your leg and up to handstand, upside down and down. Krissie please, down and kick up and down. One more time, this time we’re going to lean against the mat. Kick up, nice shape, bring your legs in and hands down.