Video transcription

Now for everyone's favorite part. The steaks. You can see here on the right, got a nice probably half inch thick ribeye. And on the left I've got a nice filet that's wrapped in bacon. I wrap it in bacon just to keep it from drying out. If I'm doing it on a flat top, or in a pan, I don't wrap it in bacon. But since I'm doing this in this where I have it surrounded by heat, then this is really the better way to go. What I'm going to do with these is as always, a little olive oil, pepper. And on the steak, I season them pretty heavily. one thing I was going to say is that you could try to cook these two steaks together, but since they're so different, they're going to cook at such dramatically different times and dramatically different ways. So I'm going to cook these both separately. I'm going to do the tenderloin first. The reason why is that if you're cooking these for two different people, say you're cooking one for yourself and one for your wife, then for example: If I want the ribeye and the ribeye's going to get done faster, than the tenderloin. The tenderloin you can cook it up to like a medium-rare, and it will hold the medium-rare alot longer than the ribeye. The ribeye's a lot thinner. Also, I've taken these steaks out, they've been sitting out at room temperature about the last twenty minutes, just to kind of take the chill out of the middle, which makes it easier to get your medium-rare or your rare. First things first, open it up. I'm going to grab my filet. I'm going to hit it with a little bit of salt and pepper here. And with steaks, I tend to season a lot. Because a lot the seasoning does come out. I'm going to drop this right here; going to shape it a little bit. I'm going to flatten it out, drop that grill part on top. And we're going to go for; with this steak I'm going to say we'll start at three minutes and check on it. And we might go as high as four to four and a half. Okay, so here we are at three minutes into it. I'm going to lift this up. Let you know I like my tenderloins rare, and I think this definitely qualifies as a nice medium-rare to rare. It has a really great grill pattern on top. You can see how a lot of that fat out of that bacon just rolled right out of it. You can see on the bottom even, I got some nice grill marks. I'm happy with this; this is going into the oven to hold for service.