Video transcription

Kirsten Herbes. I am a registered dietician and health educator. Another ingredient used to regularly in cooking, both baking recipes and regular cooking recipes is heavy whipping cream. Obviously just put a sure definition of it is it has a large content of fat. Heavy whipping cream in the United States in order to be considered heavy whipping cream has to have at least 36 to 40 percent of its calories come directly from fat. Literally fat is part of the milk that comes from the cow. A cup of heavy whipping cream has about 840 calories and 88 grams of fat; 55 grams of those are saturated fat which is the worst variety for you to consume. So if you are using heavy whipping cream for a purpose of thickening in your recipe, there is an easy substitution which I will show you right here. You want to start with one cup of non-fat milk and I have this here in my liquid measuring cup we talked about. We want to use up to the one-cup mark in the liquid measuring cup; do not use a dry good measuring cup. You want to also take your wire whisk and we are going to whisk in 2 tablespoons of corn starch, just regular corn starch you get at the store and we are also going to whisk in about a tablespoon of flour. These two together the starch, the flour and the corn starch will thicken the non-fat milk and after you are done whisking this you will have the same affect you would have with regular whipping cream. Another example you could use is to reduce the fat content in your recipe in place of whipping cream is either a low fat cottage cheese or ricotta cheese. You will have the kernel in there so it will be a little different texture but as far as the volume that the whipping cream gives your recipe the cottage cheese or ricotta cheese will serve the same in purpose.