Video transcription

Now I would show you how to prepare the fondant. Just remove the fondant from its container here. They keep it well wrapped and any unused portion you want to make sure you wrap it right back up in the bag and put that away. Tightly wrap and I'm going to break off a few chunks here. Then just wrap up my unused portion and set that aside. Right now you can see that it is rather dry and crumbly. It is not dry but it is crumbly and in order to get it nice and smooth and rollable we are going to knead it in our hand. Now first you want to take a little bit of that margarine or shortening and just coat your hands with it like that. You want to coat your hands not too heavy and not too light. Then we are going to squeeze and knead our fondant. It is better to do it in small chunks like this cause it is quiet a workout for your hands sometimes. So I find that doing it in small amounts you know about this much is reasonable amount. You just, once you get it soft enough you roll it and you fold it. Roll and fold, and you do this for quiet a while until it is really pliable and soft. They don't recommend that you work on a marble surface because you really need the warmth of your hands to kind of help soften that. The fondant and make it smooth. See how it is becoming much much more smooth than what we had. Just continue to roll it and fold it until you are satisfied that it is a nice smooth, consistency. When you finish kneading your portions, you want to put them into a bag or warp them in plastic wrap until you are ready to use them. Cause once you soften it, you don't want it to get dried up again. So I'm just going to set that aside like that and soften my next piece.