Video transcription

Okay. Now that we have a good amount of icing spread on all sides of the cake, now we're going to smooth it out and fix those corners up a little. So you want to take your knife, your spatula, and just a nice sweep and then I came back like that. Now you want to clean off your knife, your spatula. And I'm starting on this side of the cake and I'm going to sweep around the corner and turn the spatula as I go. I kind of sweep off of the cake. And just take a look at that and see if you're getting a good square corner and remove the excess frosting from your spatula before you work on the next one. You just want to smooth around that corner and check it for nice squareness. You can come and just, you can start here and then do the other side like this to get a nice square corner. And work your way around the cake, keeping your spatula nice and vertical. One more corner here. You just want to fuss a little bit over the corners. Cause if you want to have the right shaped cake when you put the sugar paste over it, it'll be a lot easier to get a nice shape if the cake underneath has been shaped. Okay and then you just want to turn the cake around and eye it. And if you see any parts of it that are sticking out where you want to flatten out a little and shape it up. Now, because this is a base coat, you don't have to be so fussy that it looks absolutely beautiful, because it will be covered up by the fondant.