Video transcription

Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas "Mr. Green Thumb". You know one of my favorite vegetables and probably one of yours is that of the bell pepper. Bell peppers are easy to grow. You've got a whole sun location, they do their best. Now there's all kinds of peppers. I mean we can have hot peppers, some of the Vietnamese, habaneros. Some of them of course are just really super hot. This one isn't but if you want something you can use for stuff peppers or if you want something you can have for salads, green peppers are good for you, they're high in vitamin c and other nutrients. They're easy to grow, make sure you got them in a peaty type soil. If you've got them in that they'll do pretty well. Do remember, here is one of the secrets for you, make sure you fertilize them on a constant basis, about half strength of whatever soluble fertilizer you are using. Make sure you use that about every time and you'll have peppers that are equal to or bigger than what you see in the grocery store. If you don't give them enough fertilizer, well you're not going to have the same size peppers. I've also had some of these bell peppers last for two, three years. And you do have to protect them from the frost, but if you keep them at a protected site they'll continue to grow. Bell peppers good addition to your landscape and vegetable garden. From gardening I'm Stan Defreitas "Mr. Green Thumb".