Video transcription

We just set our vanity in our sink top, and now we're in the process of hooking up our supply lines, which will run from our angle stops up to the bottom of the sink. And that's--this is what the water flows through to supply water to our sink, our faucet. So, I'm going to screw it onto the nipples that are sticking out of the bottom of the faucet, and then I'm going to attach them to the water lines. Also, while we're here, you can probably see this big hole in the drywall here. And I've got chrome-plated scutcheons, little metal rings that will go over this, around the pipe, and hide that hole. I just don't have them with me. We'll have to do that at a later time. Ok. Now, when you're tightening these, you want to put them on finger-tight, and then just bump them up a little. You just, you don't want to over-tighten them because there's little rubber washers in there, and if you over-tighten them, you'll squish the washers and you could develop a leak. But, that one I got on a little loose. So get that a little tighter. Ok, and that's all there is to hooking up. And these are now in the "On" position. The handle directs if it's on or if it's off. This shows that it flows right through the valve and up the line, and this shows that it shuts it right off. The next project that we've got to do is we've got to set up our P-trap. And we'll have to cut this off. It hooks to the bottom. I'm going to have to get an extension, I see, to make this work.