Video transcription

Now we are preparing to put the tape in the corner and what we have got to do is put some dry wall mud up the both sides of the corner. Sometimes it is hard to get into places because you have got pipes sticking out and there in the way but you have still got to get it in there. There you go. Remembering to get enough in there that the tape will be adhered to all the dry wall mud that you are putting on. Ok, I am just going to up here for right now. Once you have got it where you think your long enough you take this piece because its going in the corner then you bend it where that crease is in the middle of the paper. Ok, and then you just stick it right in there and then you will use a special knife called a corner knife to stick it in against the wall. You can see the knife is bent on a forty five and I usually start at the top. Pressing in firmly all the way down and come back up. Now after I got that far the tape is stuck in the corner. Clean this knife off. Then I take my six inch knife and come down the side just to clean off any excess that there might be. Doing both sides. Ok that is how you do the corners so now I will spend the rest of my time doing all the corners on the ceiling any places that I need to patch because I cut the holes to big that will all be taken care of at this point and everything and every joint in every corner has to have tape put on it. The only place that you don't use the tape is when you?re going over your screw holes.