Video transcription

In this clip we're going to talk about the proper service procedure in order to diagnose, remove, and replace your vehicles starter solenoid. In this step we're going to talk about hooking up of our vehicles battery and verification of all of our connections and firing the engine. As you can see I have a new battery in my truck. If that's not the case you're going to want and take and since you have it disassembled already, use a battery terminal cleaner and scrub this up. I've seen tons of people come in thinking they have a bad battery or bad starter and it's just a corroded connection. You can take and avoid that trouble with a little bit of extra time right here. This terminal is made of soft lead. The reason why it's made of soft lead is so it grips the lead of the battery terminal very nicely. Being that they're the same kind of metal and it's not a bi-metal connection so they won't corrode as much between the metallic surfaces. So be very careful not to over tighten your battery mounting nut because it will crack and destroy the terminal. You only want to tighten it down until you can't twist it anymore. As you can see I put almost very, very little force on there, one finger's worth will still turn it and that's tight enough that I can't twist it that's properly installed. From here we step into the vehicle and fire the engine and it should start up and run fine for you. That is the proper way to hook up your battery and verify your repair.