Video transcription

In the following clips we're going to talk about the proper way to repack, grease and adjust your vehicles wheel bearings. In this clip we're going to talk about the proper way to adjust your vehicles wheel bearings. You don't want to just tighten down the adjusting nut and leave it go. Your going to want to spin your brake rotor so that you can ensure that the bearing is seated in a true fashion so what we'll do is take our channel locks and give the nut a little twist and spin the rotor. Loosen it, spin the rotor, loosen it and spin the rotor. These nuts are going to be just about a half a turn or less than that or maybe a quarter turns past hand tight. You want it down all the way snug with your fingers spin the rotor and work it down. That's it right there that's as tight as it needs to be. The check for it is to be, grab a hold your rotor and give it a wiggle if the rotor wiggles back and forth on it's bearing surfaces it's not tight enough and needs adjustment. There is not actually a torque specification for this, if there was I would give it to you. It just has to be tight, grab a hold of you rotor, as long as it doesn't wiggle as you can see mine is tight. That is the proper adjustment for it and from there what we'll do is install our retaining cage. We'll slip it right on like so and install our cotter pin. We got a new one here, anytime you remove a cotter pin your supposed to replace it. Slide our cotter pin in and take our side cuts, these guys right here. What we're going to do is bend one of these tabs up. That will keep our cotter pin from coming out during the course of driving the vehicle. You can see how I bent the tab up right there and that keeps the cotter pin so it won't come out. From there what I'm going to do is reinstall our dust cap, it just takes light hammering action. What I like to do is take a couple pumps of grease just so we have some extra stuff in there and put some in our dust cap. About five pumps will do ya then we'll take and install the cap, no rotation or anything like that is necessary and just tap it in place. You want to be very gentle, they don't make these caps out of the best steel on the planet. Just tap it in so you get that solid sound as you can here, very solid, give her a spin and make sure that your sealed all the way around. That is the proper way to adjust your wheel bearings and install your dust cap.