Video transcription

So now we'll adjust the toe by loosening the jam nut and turning the tire rod inside the tire rod end. This is a tricky one here, it's a real shame. Most tire rods have a flat spot on them that you can get a wrench. This style doesn't so much, so Mark's going to have to be real careful and just use the channelocks here. And he's going to turn it enough so that we end up bringing the front of the wheels out enough to get the toe correct. So a couple three trips back and forth with a tape measure, we started with the steering wheel straight, we sided down the tires to make sure that we were getting the front and reasonably aligned to the steering wheel then we'll take it out for a drive and do the last bit of fine tuning. On a job like this, we're looking for straight ahead or slight negative on the toe. For you observing folks, when Mark and I were doing the toe, I wanted to point out that we have mismatched front tires. We're well aware of the fact, we haven't been able to get a matching tread pattern to the tire that got wrecked but we got one coming tomorrow.