Video transcription

Hi, I'm Doug. I work with twenty great guys, in St. Louis, at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we're going to do some work for you today on Expert Village. Now, Mark is going to pre-fill Torque Converter. This is the Torque Converter, it bolts on to the back of the engine, but you put it in the transmission first. And, it's good practice to fill that up as much as you can. Sometimes you can get quite a bit of fluid in there. You fill it up, let the bubbles run out, move it around, try to get as much as you can in there. Just so that when you first start up the engine it doesn't end up running the Torque Converter dry long enough to get the thing pumped up. So, he's wiggling it around and doing everything he can to try to get a little bit more fluid in there. It's perfectly possible to put it in there without pre-filling it, but you take a chance of damaging it and some outfits are pretty sticky about the warranty with that.