Video transcription

Hi, I'm Doug, I work with twenty great guys in St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we're going to do some work for you today on Expert Village. Now we're going to roll the engine over and get it ready to install in the car. He's got the engine hoist there; he's going to pick up the engine off that. If you saw the earlier video's we used a forklift to put the engine up on the engine stand. But that was real quick and real easy and we just wanted to go fast. With the setting the engine in the car we're going to want to use the engine hoist. It's more stable, it's safer, it's slower and it doesn't bleed down like a forklift does. So he is getting the chain on there and he's making sure that everything gets just right using high quality bolts. So he picked a different link on the chain just there to make sure that he got exactly the right balance on the engine.