Video transcription

Hi! I'm Dr. Adrienne Mulligan and I am the owner of Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic. I am here today on behalf of and I am here to talk about cat grooming. Okay, when you are bathing a cat you can just get real brave and jump right in and slowly introduce them to water and give them a bath in the sink. There are a few devices on the market like cat sacks that I have seen advertised that is a mesh bag that supposedly the hardest part is getting the cat into it. Once you get it into it, it seems like they are pretty easy to bathe inside that. Otherwise if your cat is pretty mellow you might just go in easy with him and get him used to the water a little bit at a time; just turn some water on and see how he is going to act. If he really gets scared, just let him be near it for a second and then try wetting his paws down a little bit and then wetting his other paws a little bit and then little by little working him under the water and then take a towel and dry him off and I'm not going to do a full bath on him today but that is one way to just get him to do it naturally but having a nice restraint on is a good idea.