Video transcription

Now our crock pot has been going overnight and all the veggies and the meat is thoroughly cooked through so were going to do is take off the lid you'll see it's all falling apart. What were going to do is take some of the juice out of here cause were going to thicken this up and make it more like a beef stew so if you get a carrot or two in there that's okay go ahead and put it into your pan. Take some of that great flavor okay so what we're going to do now is make what they call now is a slurry you don't want to put flour directly in the heated liquid otherwise it will make a lot of lumps into it. You'll probably had lumpy gravy before so what were going to do is add a little cold water here add about a tablespoon of flour to the water and we're going to whisk this together. So go ahead and whisk that right in as I said this is called a slurry and as you see we have our hot liquid here which is all of the stew drippings. We'll pour it slowly in and your going to see and go ahead and whisk this right in. As this gets heated up and starts to boil you'll see its going to thicken were going to reintroduce this into our beef stew.