Video transcription

Try to get the contour make her cheek bones kind of stand out a little bit more. We need to get a small angled brush, as small as possible; a little bit smaller than a blush brush. So that we can find the shallow of her cheek. Which is right here. And you want to just kind of work along like this as much as you can. Okay. You just find the shallow part of your cheek which is right under the cheek bone. And kind of create a line which you’re going to blend later but don’t worry about that. You can use brown eye shadow or bronze; just anything that makes your cheek look like it’s casting a shadow. On top of that you’re going to use your big fluffy blush brush and you want right on the apple of your cheek, which is the hard bone. You can feel, hers is right here she has really high cheek bones. Start at the apple in a circular motion and work your way up. And to really create contour you’re going to want to use a highlighter; right at the very top of the cheek bone and blend it in. Just streak it down through the blush. And blend in. Okay, for her eyes we want the top, her bra bone to sort of pop. So we’re going to use a light colored eye shadow on the bra bone right under the eyebrow. And blend it really well. And if you put just a dab of white or gold or silver in the corner of the eye it makes your eyes pop too.