Video transcription

We are going to do the arch of the smoky eye. I'm going to do basically on my model what I did for Miss California for the NWAACP awards. Which is a basic smoky eye which I get to ask to do a million times on my clients, the basic smoky eyes. For every event! (close your eyes for me) So what I'm doing is I'm using a base that is like a champagne color and it is not frosty. It is a bit iridescent so it gives a slight glow but without glitter. There is a time and a place for glitter and this is not it. Although Halloween is coming so we may get too glitter eventually. So you really want to blend, blend, blend and you don't need to use too much. You really want to smooth it across the whole eye. My model has a large eye area so it is great to work on and you also want to put it underneath the brow. Cause it is going to act like a highlight also. (Look up for me) Whatever you do on top of the eye you want to do a under the eye a little bit as well and that is what is going to balance out the eye. So I'm taking this base color and I'm putting it also a little bit underneath the eye. So it is going to give a highlight underneath the eye as well. In the corner and towards the outside it is going to make the eye, give the eye a bigger look. Then I'm going to take a basic plummy color. Now you can do a smoky eye with so many different colors. Any color scheme I'm doing neutral, she is doing brown. So I'm going to do a neutrally plummy brown. This is going directly on the lid. So right where the lash line is and above right to the crease. So you want to keep under the brow with that highlight color. Again blend really smooth. You do not need a lot and it looks pretty like that as a everyday look also. But now we are going to funk it up a little bit. We are going to add the black. You can use a dark gray or you can use a dark blue, you can use a dark purple. I'm using black cause I want it to be a little bit more dramatic. You want to concentrate the smoky eyes in a side ways is basically what it is. A side ways V that is filled in. So even though the crease of the eye is here you want to concentrate those dark colors towards the end of the eye. That is going to give that cats eye look. And blend, blend, blend again. You have to be very patient when you are using the dark colors. You are going to get a little bit under the eye and that is okay, you just do a little clean up. I'm also going to take this dark black color and go again underneath the eye. (Look up for me) I'm going to smudge it with the brush, a little smudgy brush underneath the eye. You can make it as light or dark as you want. That is basic smoky and again you can do it darker just keep adding and adding and adding.