Video transcription

DREW NOAH: Okay. Now, I'm going to show you how you can insert an image into a Google document. So, you want to go to this Insert tab; and this is the first time I've shown you this tab and I'll go through pretty much all of these in separate clips, but just the first thing right here is an Image. And there are a couple different ways you can insert an image. First off, you can insert from your computer and right now, there's a 2-megabyte file limit so you want to make sure it's smaller than that. You might have to save it at a lower resolution if--other than the one that comes in directly from your camera on. So, you can just browse for that and just find the picture you want to open and click Open then hit Insert Image. And with bigger files, it kinda takes it just a little bit longer but there it goes. And you can see, mine is just absolutely huge so it's kinda hard to tell what you're looking at but if you click on the image, you can also resize it. So, I just went to the bottom corner and started resizing the image and it's so big, it's going to take me a while to get it smaller but I'm almost there. And there. Now, it's a manageable size. So, there's the image that I inserted from my computer. Now, I'll show you how to--some other ways you can insert images. You can also enter it from a web URL. So, this is an image I found about Expert Village on--just on Google Image Search and I'm actually on the image. And if I just copy the URL and then--I'm on the Insert Image page. Check the From the web (URL) thing check box there. And then when I enter the URL, it gives me a little preview right away and I can insert the image. And I can also resize this image as well. The one last way to insert an image is actually pretty similar to what I just showed you, is going back to Insert Image, From the web (URL), and if you have an upload service like Photobucket, if you just grab the direct link right here, you could insert it that way and you can see it inserted. So, if you have a service like Photobucket or any of those like photo-sharing services, you could grab your photos from there using the URL. You can paste in--just any image on the web already, and I've grabbed this one from Google Image Search really easily, and then here's an image I got from my own computer. So, those are the three ways you can insert an image into a Google document.