Video transcription

The cooling process starts in the compressor. It is responsible for circulating the coolant through the system and creating a pressure differential between the evaporator and condenser The gas is expulsed to the condenser using great pressure The pressurised gas molecules are forced together and consequently energy is lost as heat. Thus, the coolant changes from gas to a liquid The liquid coolant is stored in a container on the outlet of the condenser After passing through the filter-drier that cleans the coolant of foreign particles and wáter, it then enters the expansion valve The expansion valve restricts the passage of coolant, creating a significant pressure drop in the evaporator As a consequence, the coolant changes from liquid to gas inside the evaporator and absorbs the heat generated in a cold space At this point, the coolant reaches the end of the cycle and is ready to start again Modern fridge-freezers have a control in their interiors to regulate temperature