Video transcription

Okay, so you can see it's a pretty snug fit in there. This is all like padded rubber here, so the battery doesn't vibrate, doesn't slide, doesn't move, and of course this on it. And it's also sometimes tough to get back in because it bites on the battery. Okay, so I only use genuine parts from a Harley shop. Sorry, that's just the way I believe. I keep all my stuff original equipment. So, we've got it. And they come with--usually they come with enough charge in them, that they're going to go ahead about two thirds of a charge, so they're going to go ahead and start up you're bike for you. So anyways, we take this guy and work him down in here. Okay, so now it's in place there. Then we bring this strap across, and sometimes it's nice to have a second pair of hands here. This goes back down on that little tab, which is easier said than done, but you get it on there any place. I know I'm going to block your view, but there's no other way that you can get down in here to see this. Okay, there we go. We're just about in there. Okay, now we're going to come around here and put the slide plate on.