Video transcription

Hi I'm Tim Gipson, I'm going to talk to you about how to operate a microwave oven. Now microwave ovens are great and I'm not sure any of us know what we did before we had them, but it's a good way to reheat food or to heat up water. Now one thing as we're operating a microwave oven, one thing to keep in mind is very important is don't put anything metallic in the microwave oven. You've got to use something that's glass and also there's some different discussions on using plastic within your microwave oven so you want to make sure that you only use plastics that are rated for microwave use. When we get ready to do something or heat something up, now there's several ways we can do this, we've got some automatic settings on here. Most of the microwaves, modern microwaves have sensors in there or actually have built in programs where it can, it knows how much to operate and how high of wattage to use and how long to run such as popcorn or reheating some cooking or cooking potatoes. There's beverage which is set for if you want to heat four ounces, press it again, you can heat eight ounces, so a quick way to heat up and get your beverages to the right temperature. The next thing would be there's express buttons so and I've put a bowl of water in here just to demonstrate it. And also you don't want to run your microwave without anything in it. You always want to have something in it. So you have these express buttons so if we press the 5 and hold it, it will actually automatically set it for 5 minutes. If we're cooking something and you can watch it with a light going on, it looks like it's not quite there, most of them will have an add 30 second button on there. And again whenever we want to stop or turn it off, just hit the clear off and it goes out. Now the other thing we can do is it has delay starts that you can program in so if you have something you want to heat up but you want to set it up and you don't want it to come on for an hour, we can set those delay timers. And then it's great for defrosting, meats and vegetables, you can auto defrost which sets it by the amount of weight it is or you can actually do a timed defrost. And then we can do some various other things. We can set it for timed cook and then we can also set our power levels so we can actually do it say for a minute 30 then we do a power level then we can choose our power level from 1 being the lowest power up to 10 is the default power so we can set it for 6. So now we'd be doing a minute and a half at 6 which means it's not going to put the full intensity into heating that food. So I'm Tim Gipson, that's how to operate a microwave.