Video transcription

I'm Angela Jiles, with Blue Note Bakery, in Austin, Texas, and this is how you make an icing daisy. The materials you'll need are a piping bag with a rose tip. You'll need a spatula, parchment paper, and buttercream. First, you take your pastry bag with a round or a rose tip, and you just, with the flat end at the top, you squeeze out each individual petal, starting from the outside and going in to a center point; making each petal individually. Then, you come in with another color, your round tip, and make a happy little center. The trick is is not to squeeze too hard, and give the bag a little turn between each petal. Again, odd numbers are best, so we've got five right there. We'll say six, seven, eight, and nine. And then, you come in with another color; then, a little center. A simple little pink daisy. The last step is to either freeze them to pick them up so they can, the butter will set, or to let them dry overnight before you remove them from the parchment paper. I'm Angela Jiles, in Austin, Texas, and that's how you make an icing daisy.