Video transcription

Hello I'm Dan with DK LeSieur Incorporated. We're a contractor out of Washougal, Washington. We've been asked to restring a Ryobi weed eater. I have got one right here. I'm going to spin it around and on the top here we're going to pop it out. There's two pivot points and it just kind of pops out like that. It's spring loaded, set it down. As you can see we have the two parts. We need the inner part. I have already pre-measured my line. I took about a good arm's length, take the string, put it through the center, push it through, grab it and just start pulling, just like that and then you want to grab them both together so we're not getting tangled up and then pull a little bit more, grab the ends. Let's do this so we're not tangled. O'kay we have got it centered. I'm going to drop the bottom. I have it right here so it doesn't hit the ground and as you can see just pull it out like that. Now we have the string in there, we have it level here, I'm going to grab both ends and you just start spinning, keep them from tangling and go. It's easy to just do it one hand with the line, one hand holding it, pull it apart. Don't do it too tight because if you go too tight it will not come out like you want it to. So just kind of snug, snug to loose and get it all the way in there and you want to make sure you don't put too much line in there thinking you're saving time the next time you need it because then it won't come out, it jams up and it also won't come out. So work to the end. As you can see we have two of them there. I'm going to take and spin this around, hold those two ends, push one through over here. You can see the little eyelets it goes through, one on each side and one on this side and you just want to set it down in there. Sometimes you have got to turn it a little bit. There's teeth in there and those eyelets do come out. If you're not real sure on how to do it I would not take them out. O'kay, take the cap, set it down and snap it back together. You want to make sure that point is out and that point is out. See that, it didn't quite go, there. Now we're safe. Pull it out a little bit and we're ready to go to work. So that is stringing a Ryobi weed eater.