Video transcription

Hello, this is Gabriela Garzon at G.G. Image and Etiquette Consulting in Miami, Florida. In this clip, I'm going to talk about how to choose a bra size. It basically has to do with a type of top that you have, you know, your body type, the top that you have. So, if, regardless if you have a lot, or not so much, you always have to find out that the cups come all the way as you can see right here, to the sides. If you see the little stitches right here as well as on the other side, they have to come exactly on the sides of your body and that way you'll know that the cup will fit perfectly on your top, on your type of top. Most women have the wider kind of area here, regardless of having a lot in this area. They're still wider. So that's why when you choose one, you need to have the stitches on the side so that way when you actually wear the bra, you can see that even if I don't have, even if you don't have, or I don't have that much, you can still cover the whole area. So the same thing happens with this type of bra or bras that are are you know, completely, kind of like like that. You see this one doesn't have stitches but you can see that it fits properly in the body parts. Once again, this is is Gabbie Garzon at G.G. Image and Etiquette Consulting.