Video transcription

Hello I would like to talk to you briefly about what is normal blood pressure in a human. Normally an adult would run about 120/80, a teenager about a 12 year old girl and these are approximate values of blood pressures in a 12 year old girl would run about 116 to 122/75 or 78 and then on up to a 17 year old girl would be about 122 to 128/79 to 82 so you can see how there is a little bit of a difference there as they get a little bit older. A 12 year old boy now they are going to run a little bit higher than a girl and they run about 115 to 123/75 to 79 and a 17 year old boy runs about 128 to 136/81 to 85 so the boys normally run a little bit higher than the girls and also in later in life men run higher blood pressures than women so you can see that it is kind of built in to that human being of boys running a little bit higher. A child 8 to 12 years of age would run about 100 to 110/70 to 74 and then an infant would run about 50 to 75/25 to 45 remembering that an infant is according to the normal birth weight so their blood pressure is according to their birth weight so this is a normal blood pressure in a human being.