Video transcription

Hello, my name is John Niemira, and I'm just going to talk to you today about changing the ink cartridges on your Lexmark printer. It's a fairly simple process with Lexmark, they have made it very, very easy. A couple of different ways to do it is get your manual out of course, and read the instructions step by step. Second way is to open up the front cover of your Lexmark printer, it raises from the front and tips up towards the back and holds itself up. As you open up the printer itself, you want to have the printer on, either turn it on after you open it or turn it on before you open it, either way. What it'll automatically do is slide the cartridges over to the center of the printer. In a Lexmark printer, depending which printer model you have, you usually have a color, and you have a black and white one. It's going to slide both cartridges for you, right over to the center and give you access to pulling the cartridges up. The top lid clicks open, it's rather firm, but it clicks right open, both cartridges are accessible then, you pull out either cartridge, do one at a time, and replace it with a brand new cartridge. Make sure you have the old one in your hand with the new one so you're replacing it, it can be only replaced one way, and then go ahead and change the black one, or go ahead and change the color one. Not too bad of a process, use your manual in you need to. For anymore information on this topic, or any other business topic, you can contact me directly at my email