Video transcription

Hi, I'm Sophie Uliano, author of the "Gorgeously Green" series of books. And today, I'm going to show you how to make a simple body cream at home in your kitchen. Now, why I choose to make a lot of my own skin care products at home. Is because when you go out to the store, and buy just simple body creams. They can often be full of a lot of chemicals, toxic chemicals that really don't belong on our skin. Our skin absorbs over, I think, it's 60 percent of what we put on it, straight into our blood stream. So, this is a really easy way of making the most fabulous, very moisturizing body cream. And it'll take you just a few minutes, let's get started. Coconut oil, I use virgin coconut oil. So, it comes as solid at, when it's cooler. And in the summer, at room temperature, it actually liquefies. I'm using Shea butter that you can get from your health food store. And I'm using sweet almond oil, which you can also get from your health food store, and I'm using vanilla extract. So, let's get started, I'm going to show you how easy it is. So, you just need a blender, I've got a little, tiny blender here. And in my blender, I'm going to put in one tablespoon, it's actually cool today. So, my coconut oil has began to solidify, which is absolutely fine. So, that's one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil. Now, I'm using one tablespoon of Shea butter. The Shea nut is an African nut, and it's very, very moisturizing. And the wonderful thing about Shea butter, is that you can often buy it, fair trade. There's lots of women's co-ops in Africa, and how they make their living, is by creating this wonderful moisturizing butter. So, that's virgin coconut oil, Shea butter. And then, I'm going to put in two tablespoons of sweet almond oil. And all of these oils and butters, you can also find at Neal's Yard, and also a wonderful place called Baldwins,, I believe. So, that's it, I've got my ingredients. I'm just making a tiny bit here, a couple of ounces. But you can double up the ingredients, or triple the ingredients. If you want to make a big, hulking jar of it, for yourself, or somebody else. I'm going to this down at the bottom of the blender, like so, blend it up. And so, I'm just going to spoon it into a jar. Now, I like to use a dark glass, or a dark plastic jar. And the reason being, is that the dark protects the oils from light, and some of these plant oils are sensitive to light. You don't want them to oxidize, you want them to stay really, really fresh, and oh, yeah. And then, finally I'm going to add vanilla. Now, I love the smell of vanilla with coconut for a body lotion, or a body cream. But you can put any essential oil, you could put lavender in it, or lemon grass. But today, I'm just putting a little bit of pure vanilla extract, just five drops in there. And, oh, that is absolutely wonderful, I'm just going to try a little bit of this, ah, it smells so good. So that really is a completely natural, pure, non-toxic body cream. It's luxurious, smells wonderful, it'll make a fantastic gift. When you buy these raw ingredients , you can get three, four, five, six jars of body cream out of these ingredients. So, it's actually going to save you a lot of money too. So, remember, you can always do it yourself at home and do it gorgeously.