The world's most stressful jobs

They say it's tough at the top and now thanks to a study carried out by, we can now tell just how tough it really is. The careers Website identified the most stressful professions according to three key indicators: "the work environment, job competitiveness and risk of each of those jobs." Here we take a look at the 9 most stressful jobs.

\#9 Senior corporate executives

Since the financial crisis it's been particularly popular to hate corporate types, but it seems even they can join in on the self-hate. Executives come in at number 9 although it's generally agreed that they are well compensated for all the grey hairs.

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\#8 Photojournalists

Besides from the current trend of every idiot with Instagram or an SLR considering themselves a professional photographer, actual photojournalists do face real danger in the workplace. We aren't talking about spilling a Latte on your shirt but actual "I think the rebels may have mistaken us for the Syrian Army" danger.

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\#7 Newspaper reporters

Post-phone tapping and Leveson inquiry, newspaper reporters have also become the object of our resentment in the UK. That coupled with the long-hours, bipolar editors and the "end" of print-journalism sees the average hack fall into the stressful profession category.

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\#6 Taxi drivers

Nobody likes a backseat driver and less so when it's 3 in the morning, they stink of booze and are demanding a kebab. Although to be fair, anybody who has taken a cab in Central London recently would argue that the average taxi driver has the last laugh. Where to Gov? The next bus stop...

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\#5 Police officers

Under-paid and under-appreciated? The poor old bobby has never been the object of the public's desire but with recent pay-cuts, officers are expected to do more for less.

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\#4 Firefighters

An unsung hero having to deal with much more stress than Fireman Sam's rosy checks ever properly conveyed to us. Apart from having to deal with raging fires, these poor souls are often attacked on the job.

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\#3 Commercial airline pilots

It's not the 60s' anymore and these guys are not having fun. Jetlag, long-hours, time away from family and the pressure of ensuring the safety of hundreds of passengers makes an airline pilot's job one of the most stressful.

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\#2 Public relations executives

When your job description is to generate positive news and spin in an otherwise negative world it can sometimes feel like mission impossible. Influencing public opinion in skeptical Britain is very, very stressful.

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\#1 The Army

Being a real-life solider ain't half as much fun as it is online. Being shipped overseas, extended tours, low-pay and an array of both physical and mental risks means it really is the most stressful job, nay, lifestyle out there.

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