Downright wrong celebrity endorsements

British butter, fruity flirts, smashed-out-of-their-brains elephants, air-fresheners, zit-removers, computer programs and fizzy-drinks: at some point or another each and every one of them has been the subject of a celebrity endorsement. But, as far as we see it, these weren't the greatest examples of when a star gets behind something designed to get us to part with our money. Nope, these are the wrong 'uns. Some suggest "sell-out!" Others are plain hilarious. A few are nothing less than full on creepy. As for the rest? Well, it's time for you to delve into our Top 10 bad celebrity endorsements.

Never mind the butter

When he snarled and sneered his way through Anarchy in the UK and God Save the Queen, he made as many loyal fans as he did enemies. He is, of course, John Lydon, a.k.a. Johnny Rotten, vocalist with the legendary punk band, the Sex Pistols. But, should the man who memorably spat out the words "I am an Anti-Christ" have given his endorsement to something as anarchy-free as butter? There's nothing wrong with Country Life. In fact, we love it! But, come on: A Sex Pistol telling us about the delights of what comes out of a cow?

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Fruity and flirty

The former Mrs. Seal, a super-model of stratospheric proportions and, for years, the absolute face of Victoria's Secret: That's Heidi Klum. So why did she get involved with something called Heidi's Fruit Flirtations? Beats us! Nope, they were not flavoured sex-toys. They were bags of sweets. Say what? Yep. And that they came adorned with a picture of the usually smoking hot Heidi looking like a renegade from The Stepford Wives only added to the strangeness. Mind you, the flirty food was "healthy" and fat-free, so perhaps we can forgive Heidi for this catastrophic diversion from the catwalk. Maybe.

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From Paris to plastered

How wrong is this? In 2007 all-round party-girl Paris Hilton gave her endorsement to a cause that was very worthwhile and about which she knew a great deal: The perils of getting wasted. But, it was elephants Paris had on her mind. All over eastern India, they were getting plastered on rice-beer made by local farmers. And, of course, when the tusked-ones did their equivalent of wildly pushing a shopping-trolley through town with their mates on a Friday night, it was a bizarre sight indeed. Thankfully, Paris - who got a drink-driving conviction in 2007 - helped save the day.

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Nation-building to car-cleansing

He is someone who will go down in history as one of the definitive movers and shakers of the 20th Century. And, in near single-handed fashion, he reshaped South Africa after his release from jail in 1990. So what on earth possessed Nelson Mandela to endorse a brand of - wait for it - air-fresheners for cars?! We assure you we are not joking. Worse, the sweet-smelling package came adorned with the very cringe-worthy words of: "Damn, Nelson Mandela, you smell so good." Furthering world-peace and ensuring someone's car doesn't stink do not necessarily go together. At all.

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Not an A-plus

The big-mouthed, big-muscled, bad-ass of the 1980s TV series, The A-Team, was, of course, Mr. T. He was not someone who suffered fools in the slightest. And if we were to tell you that he gave his endorsement to a particular product, you might be thinking: Boxing gloves, muscle-building weights, or exercise machines. Sorry, no. Mr. T got all excited by the Flavorwave Oven, which cooked in super-fast time and kept fat to an absolute minimum. Worse still: he advertised the thing with a beaming smile on his face. Mr. T, ovens and smiles? Bad-ass? No, just bad!

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Justin case you get a zit

Should celebrities - regardless of their credibility level or not - be advertising products aimed at getting rid of zits? We say: "Probably not." If you're a teenage girl staring longingly at your bedroom-wall posters of Justin Bieber, the last thing that you probably want to spring to mind are pimples and seeping, yellow pus. But, that didn't stop Bieber from telling just about everyone how his zits were cured by Proactiv. Fair enough, it seemed to work perfectly well for Justin. But, really, aren't there far better ways to earn a crust than telling people about your acne?

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Throwing stones at windows

Now this is more like it: the Rolling Stones. The original bad-boys of rock and roll won't let us down, will they? Surely, an endorsement from Mick, Keith and co. will be along the lines of a new brand of whisky or vodka, or a cool just-launched guitar, right? Er, no. How about Windows 95? When the program was released, it was accompanied by the Stones' Start Me Up hit of 1981. Keith Richards' guitar cranked out the opening chords as the ad began and the band reaped in millions. It's only rock and roll? Yes. But Windows 95? No.

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A tiger chases tail

Better known as Tiger, Eldrick Tont Woods is, without doubt, one of the world's greatest golfers. But, remember those "transgressions" that got him in so much trouble in late 2009? Tales of babes, bonking and extra-material excursions came tumbling out the woodwork. AT&T and General Motors cut ties with Tiger. Nike did not. What they did instead was to have Woods appear on an advert in which his late dad asks him: "Did you learn anything?" Tiger listens intently and looks grim. As, we're pretty sure, we would. What, perhaps, should have been thought-provoking finished up being downright awkward.

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The poshest car?

Victoria Beckham - the artist formerly know as Posh Spice and the wife of a certain, famous footballer - will forever be known as 20 percent of the group that unleashed girl-power on the world. The Spice Girls, of course. But who knew Posh was a car fan? Yeah, it's true. Vicks has given her support to the Range Rover Evoque - a car, we are assured, she designed. Okay. And Land Rover, the company behind the Evoque, are happy to have her on-board. We're baffled. There's no word yet if she'll be on hand to change the oil.

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Finally, we have an endorsement that was wrong in the unlucky sense. Very unlucky. Michael Jackson made a lot of mistakes in his life (hanging your baby out of a window is never a good idea). But one of the biggest came in January 1984. Wacko was in Los Angeles filming a commercial for Pepsi and, as he mimed to his monster-hit Billie Jean, an explosion of fireworks showered him with sparks, setting his hair on fire. There was melted plastic everywhere. And not from the microphone. Jacko ended up with second-degree burns. How about a Tango instead?

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