The 10 most expensive streets in Britain

Updated February 21, 2017

The Greater London area is the home of the most expensive streets in Britain, according to a 2011 survey by Lloyd's TSB. Kensington and Chelsea contain six of the top ten most expensive, and streets in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland don't even make it into the top 50. Lloyd's TSB explains the tight cluster of hyper-expensive streets in London as being a draw for those in the showbiz world and also those rich businesspeople from all around the globe who are looking for a base in the UK.

Campden Hill Square

Located very close to a historic home of British royalty at Kensington Palace, Campden Hill Square's houses sold in 2011 for an average of £4,863,000 each. Part of the larger Kensington and Chelsea area, the houses are in the W8 postcode.


Running closely behind Campden Hill Square's houses are the houses in Parkside, which are just a little cheaper at an average of £4,826,000. Located in the high-class area of Merton, the houses are in the prestigious SW19 postcode.

Drayton Gardens

Also in the Kensington and Chelsea area, houses in Drayton Gardens sell for about £4,428,000 each, which makes this street the third and last street in the country where houses are worth more than £4 million. SW10 is the postcode for this expensive area, where homeowners might bump into actor Hugh Grant, who also lives in the Chelsea area.

Dawson Place

If a housebuyer can't quite stretch to the £4 million price tag of the three most expensive streets, he or she can opt for a pad in Dawson Place, where the average house goes for £3,891,000. Also in Kensington and Chelsea, the postcode homeowners can show off to the postman and their friends is W2.

Duchess of Bedford's Walk

Lining the traditional walk of the Duchess of Bedford are houses that cost on average £3,862,000. Yet another pricey street in the Kensington and Chelsea area, where celebrities like Kylie Minogue call home, the postcode for homeowners is W8, in close vicinity to the even more expensive Campden Hill Place.

Cadogan Square

The fifth most expensive street in Kensington and Chelsea is Cadogan Square, where home buyers spend £3,678,000 on average for their London pad. SW1X is the postcode for these pricey houses in the Royal Borough.

Hamilton Terrace

Although the top six most expensive streets are in Royal Boroughs, politics gets a look-in with Hamilton Terrace, a street in the Westminster area. Costing £3,621,000, the houses stack up well against their Royal Borough neighbours.

Cedar Park Gardens

Sharing the same Merton area as number two on the rich list, Parkside, is Cedar Park Gardens. This SW19 postcode contains houses that cost on average £3,596,000, just a few thousand pounds below the Hamilton Terrace prices.

Bramerton Street

The last of the streets of Kensington and Chelsea featured in the top ten most expensive list is Bramerton Street of SW3. £3,522,000 gets a showbiz star or businessperson with money to burn an average house on the street.

Hampstead Lane

The final street on the top ten most expensive is still in the Greater London area, but stands out as being in Camden. Located in postcode N64, Hampstead Lane houses in this trendy and youthful area go for an average of £3,486,000 each.

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